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Our Guarantee 

Please be aware that there maybe stubborn marks on your windows after your first clean due to dirty vents, leaky seals or mineral deposits that have been there a while. Usually there isn’t a problem, but we usually take twice the time or longer on a first clean due to dirt build-up or neglect.

If at any time you are not satisfied with the standard of the clean simply call us and we will return within 48 hours and re clean all windows. It is important to us that you are always !00% happy with the service we provide.

We will

Re clean for free until the spotting is clear.

Be honest in all dealings.

Be realistic in regards to work dates and the length of time required to carry out work.

Keep to all appointments booked and to the time agreed.

Let the you know immediately if we are unable to carry out work.

Re-schedule at the earliest date possible, and to your convenience.

Return all phone messages promptly.

Be courteous and respectful to you at all time.

Advise you before commencing any additional works that would incur additional cost.

Reply to and deal with any complaints received promptly and without confrontation.

Clean 143

Offer a 100% satisfaction to all our customers

If your not happy with a clean simply call us back and we will re clean at no cost

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