Water Fed Pole Cleaning

The main safety benefit for the use of our water fed pole system is that it allows us to access and clean windows over sloped roofs, conservatories and sky lights, where this wouldn’t normally be possible using traditional methods.

Since 2005 and the working at height regulations, we must be seen to avoid working at height.

By using a method of telescopic poles and pure water we can clean windows safely and easily from the safety of the ground eliminating the use of ladders where we can.

Clean 143 other benefits

  • It can be quicker than the traditional method
  • We are able to include and clean frames and sills
  • It does not compromise privacy to upstairs windows
  • We don’t surprise you early in the morning
  • We don’t dry windows, so no cloth-smears left on the glass.
  • We can clean in the rain
  • With pure water we can achieve excellent standards.

It’s environmentally friendly, no detergent or chemicals are used and we are less likely to damage your property, as we don’t need to place or move ladders on window sills.

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